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● What’s in the ‘Free Consultation’ how does this Help?
First, let me start by stating if my legal team does not win your case, you do not have to pay for our services. No win, no fee! I am not afraid to passionately fight for you and the compensation you deserve. My free consultation is offered for me to learn more about your individual case and the services offered by the Martinez team. In this discovery phase we can find out together if you feel we are the right fit for you.

At Martinez Consulting Inc. our team is dedicated to fight and advocate on behalf of very one of our clients; it is imperative our clients understand that we always recognize each personal injury claim as‘one of a kind’ and therefore each client will always get dedicated assistance.

It’s far too often, so many automobile and motorcycle accidents occur as a result of negligence of the other motorists in my professional experience of personal injury. My team of Personal Injury Legal Representatives know the critical steps to take to investigate each claim and help you navigate the complex insurance process.

Injuries you may have sustained as a result of your recent personal injury can be endless, like fractures and broken bones, whiplash, concussions or worse brain injuries, to name a few. Understanding that some of these injuries can have long if not life lasting implications leading to expensive ongoing medical bills. With Raul Martinez and his team of professionals we can ensure you have peace of mind knowing someone is going to fight on your behalf for the compensation you justly deserve. Our goal is to ensure you are able to move on with your life after the whole accident ordeal.

The results for you is maximum compensation that you are entitled to and we can help wade through the legal and insurance process to ensure we answer all questions at each stage of the litigation process.

With so much at stake, for your personal future and possible your family livelihood you need to ensure you hire dedicated personal injury Paralegal Teams that can expertly assist you with the whole process. Do not suffer in silence or wait to get the help you are entitled to from Raul Martinez and his legal team.

Call Raul Martinez Consulting Inc. today at or use the Contact us Form to schedule a free consultation. We can do virtual or teleconference to ensure social distancing.

● If I hire a Personal Injury Legal Representative, will I have to go to the courts and go through a trial?
Every claim for compensation for personal injuries is individual with that said, normally most claims are settled before they ever need to go to trial. Most do not go to trial, however your Paralegal Team should have trial experience as well as being a skilled and experienced negotiator.

● What do I need to take to my initial consultation for my Personal Injury?
You will need to bring with you two forms of identification, a copy of the police report and other documents that could be helpful to the Paralegal Team to evaluate the case including your injuries.

● How much does a Personal Injury Legal Representative cost?
At Raul Martinez Consulting Inc. we work on a contingency basis, to clarify what I mean is the Paralegal Team’s and their fee charged is a percentage of the final settlement or award at the conclusion of the case.

● What do I need to know before hiring a Personal Injury Legal Representative?
It is imperative that you feel comfortable with your Personal Injury Legal Representative and that you have met and answers to all of your concerns and questions have been addressed. Your Personal Injury Legal Representative should be well versed and experienced in your type of claim. Your Personal Injury Legal Representative will be the one to fight for you, your rights and the compensation you deserve.