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Food Poisoning Victim?

If you’ve had more than a mild case of food poisoning, you understand the intense and devastating effects that eating tainted food can cause. Statistics show you’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 48 million people suffer from food poisoning each year. Fever, abdominal cramping, and vomiting are just some of the symptoms people deal with when suffering from a foodborne illness.

Food poisoning can do more than confine you to your bed or bathroom for days. If you ended up in the hospital, or your loved one died from food poisoning, you may have a case. At Martinez@Consulting Inc., we’ve seen how food poisoning can disrupt lives. That’s why we’re ready to help get you the compensation you deserve.

What is Food Poisoning?
Food poisoning is caused by swallowing food or water that is contaminated with certain bacteria, viruses, toxins, or parasites. When you ingest the contaminated food, you can become ill and experience a number of different symptoms.

Food can become contaminated by a number of different factors. Meat or poultry can become contaminated during processing by coming into contact with certain bacteria. Improper food handling and preparation can also cause contamination. Water can be contaminated by waste in the growing or shipping of products.

Some of the more common types of food poisoning include:

● Botulism
● Campylobacter
● E. coli
● Hepatitis A
● Listeria
● Norovirus
● Salmonella

How Do I Know if I Have Food Poisoning?
Many food poisoning cases are mild and cause nausea, diarrhea, or stomach cramps. Most people fully recover in a couple of days. If you think you may have a mild case, drink plenty of clear, non-carbonated fluids and rest. Don’t use antacids, and don’t force vomiting. As you start to feel better, eat bland foods to ensure a speedy recovery.

The signs for a more serious case of food poisoning are more severe. You may experience severe diarrhea and vomiting, as well as a fever reaching over 100⁰ F. You may have difficulty breathing, speaking, and swallowing. Dehydration, muscle weakness, and abdominal pain are also common in serious food poisoning cases.

What Should I Do to Protect My Legal Rights?
Your health should always be your first concern, so if you think you may have food poisoning, seek medical help immediately. Ask your medical provider to take the necessary steps to confirm the illness (such as testing a stool sample for bacteria); otherwise you could lose your right to legal compensation. Follow all instructions to get better as soon as possible.

Keep careful track of all your symptoms, dates you experienced them, and, if possible, save the contaminated food for testing. Contact your health department to share any important information about the illness.

You should contact Martinez@Consulting Inc. as soon as possible. The longer you wait to get advice from an Paralegal Team, the more evidence is lost.

What We Can Do to Help
If you or a loved one are the victim of a food borne illness, you want someone on your side who understands the ins and outs of food poisoning cases. At Edgar Snyder and Associates, we have that experience. We’ve helped over 75,000 people injured in all types of accidents, including those who have suffered from food poisoning. If you were the victim of food poisoning, trust our experienced Paralegal Teams at our Ontario Legal Team. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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When you’re suffering severe symptoms from a foodborne illness, the world keeps moving even when you can’t. Don’t let it get the better of you and allow your opportunity for fair compensation to pass.

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