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Dog Bite

Ontario Dog Bite Victim

Many are bitten by dogs each year, more than 4.5 million. Of those, few receive the compensation that they rightfully deserve, and many others do not even attempt to pursue compensation.

The number of dog bites includes bites toward the owners of some dogs in which there is otherwise a good human-animal relationship. A small bite out of annoyance of not being given a treat and a vicious attack by a hostile neighborhood dog against a vulnerable newborn should not be viewed the same, because they vary significantly in nature and severity.

Whereas the former is an example of a matter that does not involve dog bite Paralegal Teams, the latter example is a perfect instance of where Paralegal Team guidance and skill is beneficial because the damage can be severe.

The dog bite Paralegal Teams at Martinez Consulting Inc. have been assisting Ontario and environs dog attack victims for many years and provide each of our clients with a no win, no fee promise. Call (416) 435-6123 today to obtain a free consultation with our dog bite Paralegal Team and find out what your options are.

A dog bite can leave serious and sometimes permanent injuries and scarring. Dog bite treatment can vary based on personal injuries received. Common injuries from dog bites include:

● Facial Scarring
● Puncture Wounds
● Nerve Damage
● Infection
● Psychological and Emotional Damage
Facial scarring is a devastating result of dog bites. Children are especially prone to wounds and scarring on their faces when attacked, because their small height puts their face within easy reach of the animal.

Facial scarring can impact daily life for children or adults, leading to embarrassment and avoidance of others, in addition to requiring multiple expensive reconstructive surgeries. Puncture wounds can occur on any part of the body and can be incredibly deep and painful.

Sometimes puncture wounds lead to nerve damage, which could permanently impact a victim’s ability to properly utilize limbs and lead to loss of sensation. With any dog bite, there is always a serious risk of infection which, if allowed to spread, could result in serious complications or death.

Finally, being attacked by a dog can cause serious and lasting psychological and emotional damage that may require therapy or medications.

When a dog bite occurs, home owner’s insurance companies are usually on the hook. These insurance companies do not want to pay injury victims the money they deserve, they want to pay them as little money as possible so they can make as much profit as possible. When they know you are represented by a firm that has a proven record of success, they’ll be more willing to negotiate.

If you have been the victim of a serious personal injury due to a dog bite, our experienced dog bite Paralegal Teams can provide the knowledgeable representation you need to help you recover the compensation you deserve in the form of a dog bite settlement or verdict.

Call (416) 435-6123 to take advantage of a free one-on-one consultation. We’ll let you know what options you have available to you and to answer any questions you may have. The consultation is free and there is no obligation to retain our services.