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Were You Injured Working on a Job Site?

Working at industrial job sites can pose serious risks to employees and workers. In fact, many jobs sites are populated with different companies and contractors, who are all working on different aspects of the same job. The risk of accidents and injuries is greatly increased when companies share a job site.

Every workplace has its own set of hazards, but some are far more dangerous than others. Construction sites, steel mills, coal mines, Marcellus shale drilling sites, and factories are too often the setting for serious or even fatal work injuries.

Get Answers After Your Accident
Regardless of your profession – be it construction, drilling, carpentry, electrical work, or anything in between – an injury from an accident can change the course of your life forever.

How will I work? How will I pay my medical bills? We know you have questions, and we’re here to get you answers. Consider the following after your job site accident:

● Do I have a case?
● Do I need an Paralegal Team?
● What’s my case worth?
● What does an Paralegal Team cost?

Get a Free Consultation at Any Time
If you’ve been injured in a job site accident, call us for a free legal consultation. We’ll help you understand your options, determine whether your case is workers’ compensation or something more, and we’ll make sure you get the legal help you need.

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What Caused Your Injury?
Is Your Accident More Than Workers’ Compensation Claim?
Some injured workers might not realize that their accident wasn’t their employer’s fault, but rather the fault of another company sharing the job site. In these instances, your case may be worth something completely different. Contact us to find out more about Third Party Liability.

● Equipment Failure
● Electrical Accidents
● Falls
● Heavy Equipment
● Gas Well Accidents
● Crane Accidents
● Dangerous Scaffolding
● Fire/Explosions
● Falling Objects
● OSHA Violations
● Mesothelioma

Common Accident Job Sites
● Construction Site
● Marcellus Shale
● Mining
● Logging/Forestry
● Steel/Iron Mills
● Factories
● Farming
● Railroad
● Commercial Boating
● Residential Construction
● Utility Companies

Common Job Site Injuries
● Back Injuries
● Neck Injuries
● Broken Bones
● Head Injuries
● Burns
● Hearing Loss
● Loss of Limbs
● Scars
● Paralysis
● Spinal Cord
● Electrocution
● Wrongful Death

Get the Job Site Accident Paralegals with Experience and Success
For years, Martinez Consulting Inc. has been fighting for the rights of injured workers. Our Legal Team is dedicated to recovering all the compensation you deserve after a job site accident. Don’t take our word for it, our work speaks for itself – check out our past verdicts and settlements to see that work we’ve done.

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