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Lic. Raul Martinez

Hello, I am Lic. Raul Martinez of Martinez Consulting Inc. – I’m here to help you.

I have been providing legal representation and extensive experience in the GTA and surrounding areas of Ontario for over 20+ years. As a result, working with Pace Law Firm my teams and I can help ease the burden of personal injuries and stress due to your injuries.

Please do not worry or suffer alone. I am one call away!

This work is my passion, I was hurt very badly in three life-changing car accidents, this work is very personal to me.

Firstly, being a ‘victim’, I never want you to go through what I experienced. For me, these events were devastating and life-changing making my mission and driving force to help others since the late 1990s.

Secondly, I provided my services for my Community as a Community Liason (Avogado Laico).

Thirdly, As the main mediator for Pace Law Firm and member of ADR providing mediations for Statutory Accidents and Benefits (SAB) resulted in positive results for thousands of cases.

In conclusion, my focus has been Accident Benefits, Mediation, Arbitration, Personal Injury, and Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) working together with Pace Law Firm as a Licensed Paralegal with P1 License from the Law Society of Ontario.

Fast Forward 2020 based on 20+ years’ service Lic. Raul Martinez Consulting has “Been There, Done That” experience to win your case. Most importantly, our dedicated teams of many legal professionals will provide a one-on-one client approach and successful outcome.

Additionally, since 2000 I am an active member and strong positive force of the Hispanic Community in the GTA. focused on personal injury and accident benefits.

We can help you!