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Did You Know? A Large Percentage Of Accident Victims End In Divorce!

Toronto – Did you know, a large percentage of accident victims end in divorce or separation? Statistics indicate a large percentage of people who have been victims of motor vehicle accidents end up divorcing or separating from their partners. Resulting in one of the most serious consequences of a motor vehicle accident in the family environment. According to paralegal Lic. Raúl Martínez, when someone suffers a car accident many times, they cannot bear the load, are easily irritated, frustrated, and consequently do not sleep. Additionally, this strain on the relationship sadly ends up in many arguments ultimately ending in separations. Likewise, the fact of making a claim usually takes time to resolve adding further difficulties and tension to the family unit. For instance, as a result of not being able to work due to injuries sustained from the accident, the family income may be lacking causing financial burdens, more heated discussions and stress between the couple and family confirmed Lic. Raul Martínez, who has several decades of experience dealing with these types of situations. Lic Raul Martinez further confirmed many of those affected in an accident decide to make claims on their own account hence, the insurers delay the processes, and many times they simply do not pay the injured party what it’s owed. That is why Lic. Raúl Martinez stated, while working at Pace Law office as a P1 Paralegal, we understand this situation very well and treat all of our clients as they deserve, referring them to experts and specialists to face each of the situations derived from an automobile accident. When someone has an accident, what they need is the right information. In our case, we give the client step-by-step directions to follow in such a situation. We refer the accident victim to a series of professionals who can help them. Lic. Raúl Martínez has a law degree (P1 License) associated with the Law Society of Upper Canada working together with the Pace Law Firm, as a specialist in Personal Injuries (car and motorcycle accidents, dog bites, slips and falls, etc.). Watch for our next edition, where we will educate our readers with further informative articles on this specific topic, specifically to serve as a guide in the event you are dealing with difficulties that arise after a car accident. To contact Raúl, please do not hesitate to call 416- 435-6123 or 647-616-2777, Lic. Raúl Martínez.